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Product Design & Development

Our design resources from around the world can provide a vast array of Services to meet all of your product design needs. Whether you are starting from the beginning or any stage in the development process, we can pick up from where others left off and drive the process forward.

  • Graphic Design

  • Package Design

  • Product Design

  • 3D Cad & Model Making

  • Prototype Creation

Graphic Design
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Factory Qualification – Based upon a proven methodology, our auditors and project managers inspect, evaluate and qualify each and every production facility prior to finalizing vendor selection thus ensuring products are placed with the best suited factory available.

Production Management

Your assigned project manager will work closely with the design team and coordinate all the activities with the factory to ensure a successful production launch.

Production Management
Container Ship
Air Freight

Delivery & Logistics

Pre-Production – All material and components are evaluated through standardized incoming quality control (IQC) procedures ensuring compliance with specification before they ever hit the production floor.

Production Inspection – In-line quality control inspectors monitor the product at all stages in the process and follow at minimum standardized AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) protocol in their evaluations.

Final Production Inspection – Final product inspection of goods ensures ACTUAL compliance with specifications. Final Delivery – Our logistics department ensures that each shipment is efficiently transported to the port and beyond.

Container booking and loading – Once your goods have passed final inspection and are ready for transport, we work with either your nominated logistics provider or our own to speed your goods to market.

Customs Clearance – If required at the final destination, we can assist with customs clearance procedures in conjunction with our global logistics providers. Door-to-door delivery can be arranged to the customer’s warehouse, distribution center or retail outlet.

  • Execute and Monitor Requirements
  • On-time Delivery
  • Reduce Fixed Capital & Overhead
  • Enables Core Organization to Focus on Value Creation
  • Provides Turnkey Outsource Solution
  • Fresh Perspective Injected into Client’s Business Process

We are ready to take your product development, design, and manufacturing to the next level!